World’s Largest Curling Stone & Broom

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Coming to the Range Recreation Civic Center and Curl Mesabi – the world’s LARGEST curling stone and broom!

The Iron Range is of course known for hockey and its long history of producing quality teams/players achieving great success. But there is another winter sport that has been played just as long on the Iron Range with similar results – curling! In order to signify these achievements and bring attention to the sport of curling, efforts are under way to construct the world’s largest curling broom & stone. It would be located near the world class Range Recreation Civic Center.

In addition to highlighting the sport of curling, there are several other additional benefits:

  • Promoting the Iron Range Engineering program – the preliminary design was conducted by four of their students.
  • Once fabrication begins, the Mesabi Range Eveleth campus has several programs that could contribute.
  • With the Hockey Hall of Fame right next door, increased traffic through their facility would be expected.
  • Quad City points of interest will also be on display to inform tourists of other places to visit in the area.

Moving forward, there are four major components for this project:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Final Design
  3. Procurement/Fabrication
  4. Installation

Regarding the project cost, Architectural Resources Inc. put together an estimate with the amount being over $400k. Though raising this amount will be a considerable challenge, resources such as grants and corporate donations will be explored. Material donations may also be an option.

A permanent display of all major donors would be incorporated for posterity but of course all contributors are appreciated. Once this project comes to fruition, it will certainly attract international attention and highlight not only the sport of curling but also the Iron Range.

It will take a broad cross section of donors to make this project possible – from individuals and small businesses, to grants and corporate partnerships. Donors will receive recognition at these levels:

Spectator – Up to $999
Lead – $1,000 to $19,999
2nd – $20,000 to $39,999
3rd – $40,000 to $49,999
Skip – $50,000 and greater

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Donations are tax deductible and can be made here or sent to:
(Note – if paid online by credit card, a portion of the donation will cover the card fee)

Curl Mesabi Foundation
Broom/Stone Project
P.O. Box 1000
Gilbert, MN 55741

If you are interested in an in-kind labor or material donation, contact Dave Hamalainen at 218-290-8855.

Questions can be directed to