noun  bon·spiel   \ˈbän-ˌspēl\    
Bonspiel – curling talk for a tournament.

There are numerous “spiels” at Curl Mesabi:

  • Some are sponsored by Curl Mesabi.
  • Some are sponsored by outside groups.
  • Some are just for “fun”.
  • Some are fund raisers for local charities.
  • Some are highly competitive – you can watch Olympic athletes from around the world…right here in Eveleth, MN!
  • Click on the links below for more information.
  • Most of the bonspiels are “open” unless otherwise noted as men’s, women’s, junior’s or mixed. Open means the team can be any
    combination of men or women, playing in any position.


The 2020-2021 Season has been Cancelled due to COVID-19


Curl Mesabi Classic (Competitive Cash Spiel / Men’s & Women’s)

Contact: Phill Drobnick

Laurentian Chamber Funspiel (Open)
Contact: Chamber @ 218-741-2717


Elks Doheny (Open)
Contact:  Phill Drobnick @ 218-780-6061  /  [email protected]
Ben Delich @ 218-969-4438

Margie’s Roosevelt Spiel (Open)
Contact:  Margie @ 218-744-2121

Eveleth-Mountain Iron Lion’s Club Junior Bonspiel (Youth)


United Way Funspiel (Open)
Contact:  United Way @ 218-254-3329  /  [email protected]

Prez Cash Bonspiel (Men’s & Women’s)
Contact:  Gordy Dahl @ 630-306-3916  /  [email protected]

Eveleth Elk’s Open Spiel
Contact: Mel Hamalainen @ 218-410-6530


Curl Mesabi Mixed
Contact:  Steve Andrie @ 218-371-1827   or   [email protected]

Curl Mesabi Senior Bonspiel (Men’s & Women’s)
Contact: Jim Newman

Golden Bear Fundraiser Bonspiel (Open)
Contact: Ben Delich @ 218969-4438

Eggy’s Red Garter Spiel (Open)
Contact:  Eggy or Debby @ 218-744-4247 or 218-744-1741