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2016 Elks Doheny Bonspiel

The 2016 Elks Doheny Bonspiel is being held on January 8 and 9, 2016.  The event will be run on Friday and Saturday. There will be no curling on Sunday this year. There are a few changes being made this year to attract more teams. The event has been opened up to both genders, so everyone is welcome. Back by popular demand will be the famous Elks Doheny Shirts. It has always been a most enjoyable bonspiel. Visit the Elks Doheny Spiel page for details.

Open Houses Well Attended

The two Open Houses that Curl Mesabi held on Monday, Nov. 16 and Tuesday, Nov. 17 were well attended.  The people that tried out curling for the first time enjoyed themselves.  It looks like several joined or are thinking about joining a league.  One group of 4 women are forming a team and will curl in the Monday Women’s league.  Jim Newman has agreed to be their Coach.  Please welcome the new curlers to our club and help them get started.  Thanks to all instructors and volunteers that made the open houses a success.

Jorgensen Rink Win 2015 Spring Spiel


Curl Mesabi 2015 Spring Spiel Results

1st Event Winner – Jorgensen Rink, Curl Mesabi

Dennis Jorgensen, Reese Coldagelli, Rich Kinnunen, Tony Norland (Pictured left to right above)

1st Event Runner Up – Gulbranson Rink, Curl Mesabi

Lonnie Gulbranson, Wally Haerer, Keith Harvey, Scott Love

2nd Event Winner – Drobnick Rink, Curl Mesabi

Tim Drobnick, Mark Mikulich, Chad Pontinen, Kevin Lind

2nd Event Runner Up – Bradshaw Rink, Superior

John Bradshaw, Jim Eirikson, Scott Laven, Dave McLeod

3rd Event Winner – Davis Rink, Itasca

Ryan Davis, Bob Davis, Mike Solem, Kirk Adams

3rd Event Runner Up – Bevan Rink, Elmwood CC Winnipeg

Russ Bevan, James Dooks, Evan Asham, Bobby Stuart

4th Event Winner – Jaminski Rink, Curl Mesabi

Roger Nelson, Greg Jaminski, Frank Germ, Jason Haltunen

4th Event Runner Up – Range Rock and Minerals Rink, Hibbing

Tony Berarducci, John Medure, Brad Jensen, Jeff Shapiro

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2015 Raffle Winners

1ST PRIZE $5,000.00  Brad Bock (111)
2ND PRIZE $4,500.00  Drew Arnold (112)
3RD PRIZE $500.00  John Cochems (100)
$200 Lisa Staudahar (32)
$200 Bobby Mineheine (67)
$200 Gladys Cabers (1)
$200 Kevin Lind and Phill Deloria (157)
$200 Lora Hughes (55)
$200 Bob and Joy Pontinen (195)
$200 Ryan Sterle and Kurt Gulbranson (23)
$200 Joyce Capin (139)
$200 Gary Drobnick (11)
$200 Tim Drobnick- Thursday afternoon team (138)

* Ticket number in parentheses.