2-on-2 League – Sponsored by First National Bank of Gilbert
Tuesday 6:30 p.m.

These fast paced 8 end games are played with two curlers per team – 5 rocks thrown by each team per end.

With only four curlers on each sheet…this is a GREAT way to create more social distancing!

Using a cumulative point system, the league will be run as follows:

  • Teams will consist of six people
  • Four will play against four from another team in the 2-on-2 format
  • Teams get one point for scoring in the end – two points for winning the game
  • Each team will combine score cards for a score for the night
  • Total points for the night will determine the winner
  • Winner of the season will be determined by total cumulative points (not wins & losses)

Starts December 1, 2020 running through the end of the regular season

Contact:  Matt Uhan @ 218-248-9543 – matt@gilbertbank.com