Quad Cities Fun Spiel

Hello Curl Mesabi Members and the Anyone Interested in Curling,

The Quad Cities Fun Spiel on February 19th & the 20th.  The is a new spiel that the board is running this year.  This spiel is a “fun” spiel and was formed to get all the people from the Quad Cities together for a good time at the club.  See the Detailed Info on the Bonspiel Page.
The spiel is open to anyone to play no matter age or gender. This is a FUNDRIASER for our club! The money made from this event will be used for special projects and help keep dues costs down at the club.
We will have 4 events named after each city. We will be looking for businesses from each city to sponsor the event that city is named after.  We want to raise $250 per event to total $1,000.  That money will go into the New Curl Mesabi foundation.  So the sponsorship will be a tax deductible. If you have ideas of businesses from any of the 4 cites that would sponsor an event for $250 or give a portion of it please let the committee know!
If you have any questions about the event contact Jeff Ralston, Ellen Lind, or myself.  Please do everything you can to spread the word about this spiel. The more teams we have the more fun it will be.  It would be great to have a nice mix of Sr’s, Jr’s, Men’s Women’s and Mixed teams.
I also have a sign up posted at the club or you can email me or contact on of the bonspiel chairs.  Start to form those teams and sign up ASAP!
Remember it is a “FUN” Spiel so ask someone new to play!

Good Curling,
Phillip Drobnick, Ellen Lind and Jeff Ralston 

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