Curl Mesabi Foundation

The Foundation was established in 2015 to promote community health, wellness and well-being through the support of a variety of curling activities in the Quad Cities area of Eveleth, Gilbert, Mountain Iron and Virginia.

The foundation’s fund raising sources include private and corporate donations, and a variety of events and curling activities including the Quad Cities Fun ‘Spiel. Funds are managed wisely to support the long term viability and growth of curling related projects.


To contribute to the foundation – contact us at
Download a brochure here or pick one up at the curling club

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Current Foundation News 

Curl Mesabi Foundation College/Vocational Scholarships

Starting in 2018, the Foundation is awarding a $500 scholarship to one male & one female high school senior who is a Curl Mesabi member or a junior curler.

At the 2018 spring membership meeting, there were three applicants for the scholarship. John Mayasich suggested that an additional $500 be collected on the spot, and all three applicants be awarded scholarships. John, along with Tim & Phill Drobnik quickly supplied the funds – THANKS for your generosity!

CONGRATULATIONS to the first winners of annual Curl Mesabi Foundation College Scholarships – Zia Koepke, Brody Haavisto and Jered Celley!!


Annual Golf Fund Raiser

The 2017 Curl Mesabi Golf Fundraiser was a huge success – thanks to all our sponsors & donors, over $12,000 was raised!

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Donations “In Memory Of”


  • Jerry Haulttunen (“Chilies” Dad) – from John & Susie Pearsall (2018)
  • All the Curlers who have passed away – John & Susie Persall (2018)


Currently the foundation has four dedicated funds, donors may specify a particular fund.  If no fund is indicated, donations will go to General Legacy Support.

General Legacy Support Fund

Special projects will be identified on an on-going basis.

Success stories:
2016 – A donation from the Virginia Foundation allowed the Curl Mesabi Foundation to purchase 50 new curling brooms to be used by new curlers at open houses and other introductory curling events.


Rock Replacement Fund

The life expectancy of our current curling stones is about 15 years.  That means around 2031 we will need to purchase 128 rocks – the price tag is about $80,000. The Foundation has created a Rock Replacement Fund.  The goal is to raise $6,000 a year for 14 years starting in 2017.

Success stories:
2017 – Thanks to generous donors we have achieved our 1st year goal of $6,000.

curling stones_monster_397x224


Junior Development Fund

Our junior curlers are the future of our sport.  Most every Sunday afternoon during the curling season you will find dedicated volunteers sharing their passion for our sport with 60-70 youth.  Our young curlers range from 9 to 19 years of age; not only are they having fun, but they are learning a lifetime sport that they will be able to play their whole life.

Foundation funds will: 
1.  Support school efforts to develop curling programs.
2.  Encourage junior participation in regular leagues.
3.  Support competitive player development.
4.  Junior Curler Scholarship – two $500 scholarships will be awarded every year to high school seniors who are curlers.  Scholarships will go to one girl & one boy entering college in the fall.  An application must be submitted before the March membership meeting, recipients will be chosen through a drawing.


Curl Mesabi Foundation College/Vocational Scholarships

Download the application here – CM Foundation Scholarship App (3-3-18).  Next round of scholarships will be awarded in March 2019 and the spring membership meeting. Applications must be submitted before the meeting.

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Curling Camp Funding

The Foundation has set aside funds to help pay the costs for any junior curlers going to a curling camp. Any junior interested in going to camp, please contact Matt Uhan at or Dennis Peterson at


Success stories:
2017 – Michael Mattson received financial support to participate in the Under 18 Nationals.  This is a new USCA event being held in Milwaukee March 9-12.
2017 – Supported the Eveleth-Mountain Iron Lions Club Junior Bonspiel.

2018 – Congratulations to the first winners of the College Scholarship Program – Zia Koepke, Brody Haavisto and Jaren Celley.
2018 – Our very own Curl Mesabi Seniors donated $1,500 to the Foundations on-going scholarship fund – THANKS everyone!!

2014 Juniors


Nels Englund Senior Bonspiel Fund

Our senior curlers are the legacy of our sport. The Nels Englund Bonspiel is our senior club championship, filled with years of tradition, pride and memories. This fund will assure the bonspiel will be held for many years to come.

Success stories:
2017 – Bill Hill, our most senior curler, has generously contributed to this fund to support the bonspiel for the next several years.

2017-2018 Senior League

2017-2018 Senior League Curlers (click on photo to enlarge)