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Message from USCA CEO


(Sent Aug 7, 2015)
Dear USCA Member Regions and Curling Clubs,

Here is the next edition of USCA Tapas for your information and sharing with your membership.
Have a great weekend.
Rick Patzke CEO, USA Curling

What happened this week:
 FY16 budget proposal and supporting documents sent to the USCA Board of Directors.
 Chairman Rich Lepping and HR Committee Chairman Chris Sjue were at the office for meetings with me. Chris also conducted exit interviews with Christy Hering and Sandy Robinson.
 Minnesota Curling Association President Kathy Busch visited the office and I followed up later with information on USCA dues and member benefits.
 Tom Doherty attended the Financial Best Practices seminar at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs July 29-30.
 Job postings for the positions of Administrative Assistant and Development Associate* (supporting growth and development) were publicized starting July 24. Applications have been steadily received and interviews are expected to begin next week. (*See below for update.)
 USCA ice technicians David Staveteig and Shawn Olesen conducted a site visit July 27-28 at Veterans Memorial Arena, venue for the 2016 USA Curling Nationals in Jacksonville, Fla. All looks well.
 Weekly call with the Hawaii Charity Event organizers was held on Monday, with further progress made on scheduling a separate employee event for American Savings Bank (ASB, primary partner with USA Curling) and also local school groups. ASB has sold out all 20 of the team slots available for the two-session Oct. 1 charity event, which raises $25,000 for USA Curling and upwards of $100,000 for ASB’s local charity of choice.
 Working on a potential fundraising event in Denver with the Denver Curling Club and local business leaders.
 Terry is still trying to get updated club and regional officer information from across the country (particularly from North Dakota), so any help you can provide with this effort would be greatly appreciated.
 As you probably saw or heard already, Beijing was selected by the International Olympic Committee to host the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and Lausanne was selected to host the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games.
 2015-16 Performance Partnership Agreement with the USOC was finalized and fully executed. Still in process is finalizing the same with the U.S. Paralympics Division.
 Q4 report for the 2014-15 U.S. Paralympic resource allocation was filed Aug. 3.
 I had meetings in New York Thursday with NBC and USOC executives to discuss program development and marketing support for the 2016 Curling Night in America series. All conversations were very positive. NBC committed to continuing the series in 2017 as well, and is considering increasing the investment it makes beyond that contributed in 2015 ($445,000 value for airtime and announcer support). The USOC is considering renewing and increasing its marketing support ($75,000 contributed in 2015). We also have other potential sponsors in the mix.
 2018 U.S. Olympic Team Selection Procedures Committee met again today to continue development discussions. Much progress was made on the men’s and women’s team selection procedures, and attention was then focused on Mixed Doubles.
 USCA Nominating/Governance Committee met by teleconference July 29 and again this past week.
 More discussions held with Directors as part of my ongoing effort to gather input on all things USCA in achieving the vision and mission of this organization.
 Discussions and an in-person meeting held with Paralympic program staff to discuss 2015-16 program priorities and funding.
 July 31 was the deadline for eligible nations to register for the America’s Challenge (WCF event to determine the second team from the Americas to qualify for the 2016 men’s and women’s World Championships). We registered USA as soon as notifications were sent in the spring, and are awaiting confirmation from the WCF on whether or not any other teams registered by the deadline.
 Further conversations with Dow on partnership development. Dow is currently assessing the solutions they can provide for projects identified. Our next call is tentatively scheduled for the second week of August. Director Hawley MacLean had dinner with WCF President Kate Caithness earlier this week, and the WCF ice techs have similar challenges with water treatment, etc., so we are exploring ways to involve the WCF in the partnership as well.

What’s up next week:
 USCA Open High Performance Camp, Aug. 14-16, Four Seasons Curling Club, Blaine, Minn.
 Official U.S. Olympic Training Site dedication ceremony and press conference at Four Seasons Curling Club in Blaine, Minn., Aug. 15.
 Jenny Biadasz anticipates launching the new USCA event registration system (Blue Sombrero, through Dick’s Sporting Goods) this week, beginning with the 2016 Youth Olympic Games Trials registration.

What’s coming two weeks from now (Aug. 16 – 22):
 USCA Operations Group monthly call, Aug. 19.
 U.S. Curling News (digital only edition) is scheduled to be published about Aug. 19.
 USCA Board of Directors meeting (by webinar and teleconference), Aug. 20.
 Jenny begins Portage County Leadership Program training. Both Terry Kolesar Davis and Kim Nawyn have previously completed this program.
*As you know from previous communications, Christy Hering resigned from her position as Development Associate effective July 31 to take a new job closer to her home (approximately 35 miles away). After three days at her new job, she contacted me to ask if we would consider hiring her back.

According to Christy, she realized that she had never wanted to leave USA Curling; missed the collegial environment and work she was doing; and while a shorter commute was important in her earlier decision to move on, job satisfaction clearly outranks this for her now, and is supported by her family. I discussed the situation with all staff here, and there was overwhelming support for re-hiring Christy. She returns on Monday, and we are pleased to have her back.
As for those who applied for the position in the meantime, Kim and I are looking at the most promising candidates to see if any might be a fit for the Administrative Assistant position, or the new position that I am creating (tentatively called Deputy Officer), to be opened for applications as soon as it is finalized.
USA Curling is proudly sponsored by AtomOS, Nike, RAM Restaurant & Brewpub, Brooms Up Curling Supplies, BalancePlus and Sitrin

Jorgensen Rink Win 2015 Spring Spiel


Curl Mesabi 2015 Spring Spiel Results

1st Event Winner – Jorgensen Rink, Curl Mesabi

Dennis Jorgensen, Reese Coldagelli, Rich Kinnunen, Tony Norland (Pictured left to right above)

1st Event Runner Up – Gulbranson Rink, Curl Mesabi

Lonnie Gulbranson, Wally Haerer, Keith Harvey, Scott Love

2nd Event Winner – Drobnick Rink, Curl Mesabi

Tim Drobnick, Mark Mikulich, Chad Pontinen, Kevin Lind

2nd Event Runner Up – Bradshaw Rink, Superior

John Bradshaw, Jim Eirikson, Scott Laven, Dave McLeod

3rd Event Winner – Davis Rink, Itasca

Ryan Davis, Bob Davis, Mike Solem, Kirk Adams

3rd Event Runner Up – Bevan Rink, Elmwood CC Winnipeg

Russ Bevan, James Dooks, Evan Asham, Bobby Stuart

4th Event Winner – Jaminski Rink, Curl Mesabi

Roger Nelson, Greg Jaminski, Frank Germ, Jason Haltunen

4th Event Runner Up – Range Rock and Minerals Rink, Hibbing

Tony Berarducci, John Medure, Brad Jensen, Jeff Shapiro

2015 Raffle Winners

1ST PRIZE $5,000.00  Brad Bock (111)
2ND PRIZE $4,500.00  Drew Arnold (112)
3RD PRIZE $500.00  John Cochems (100)
$200 Lisa Staudahar (32)
$200 Bobby Mineheine (67)
$200 Gladys Cabers (1)
$200 Kevin Lind and Phill Deloria (157)
$200 Lora Hughes (55)
$200 Bob and Joy Pontinen (195)
$200 Ryan Sterle and Kurt Gulbranson (23)
$200 Joyce Capin (139)
$200 Gary Drobnick (11)
$200 Tim Drobnick- Thursday afternoon team (138)

* Ticket number in parentheses.

Rosters Announced for Senior Nationals

Senior Women’sSenior_Nationals_Logo
Team Dropkin
Team Horn
Team O’Leary
Team Pielage
Team Smith
Team Vukich
Team Watson
Team Wiggins

Senior Men’s
Team Bahr
Team Beadle
Team Eigner
Team Funk
Team Jorgensen
Team Locke
Team Messsing
Team Ryhme
Team Sieg
Team Tangedal
Team Berarducci
Team Cornfield
Team Erickson
Team Gibbs
Team Litman
Team Matzke
Team Pustovar
Team Sharp
Team Sormunen
Team Wright

Webinar for Competitive Curling Opportunities

Interested in learning more about opportunities for curlers to compete at the national level? Sam Williams, Chair of Grassroots Competitions, will discuss the growing number of championship events available to curlers across the country in a webinar scheduled for Wednesday, November 12th. He will also be able to answer your questions about recent developments in the rules.  In addition, Shelley Dropkin, past president of the United States Women’s Curling Association, will discuss developmental programs offered by the USWCA. Some may be surprised to learn that several of these developmental programs are open to participants of both genders!

The webinar will take place Wednesday, November 12th, at 7:00pm Central Standard Time.  The webinar is open to all curlers and is expected to last approximately one hour.

Directions for Participation in the Webinar

Please REGISTER Early and Follow the Directions Below for Checking Your Computer’s Compatibility to Avoid Last Minute Technical Difficulties

To participate in the webinar on Wednesday, 11/12/14, you will need to click on the registration link below. Please consider registering early to minimize technical difficulties (registration is possible from now until the webinar).

Once you register, you will receive an email from confirming your registration (check your spam folder if you do not receive this.) Please check to make sure your system is compatible prior to the meeting in case you need to download anything additional for optimal performance.

The registration email confirmation also gives you information on how to dial into the conference if you prefer not to listen through your computer.

Questions about this webinar can be directed to Kim Nawyn, Director of Growth & Development, at Past webinars are archived on the USA Curling website:

Kim Nawyn
Director of Growth & Development

Curl Mesabi to Host 2015 Senior Men’s and Women’s National Championships

January 28 – February 1, 2015

Curl Mesabi Contact: Rory Malner (w) (218) 744-4945 x3 – (c) (218) 750 6683

(23) Rooms blocked – AmericInn, Virginia – 2 queen beds per room
Phone: 218-741-7839 (Reserve before January 1, 2015)

(25) Rooms blocked – Super 8, Eveleth – 2 double beds per room
Phone: 218-744-1661 (Reserve before December 27, 2014)

(8) Suites Blocked – Holiday Inn Express, Mt. Iron – 2 queen beds + Pullout
Phone: 218-550-5030 (2) Rooms Blocked – 2 queen beds (Reserve before January 1, 2015)

Competition information will be posted as it is received from the USCA.

Registration for the Senior Nationals will open on November 12, 2014. Please register on the USCA website.