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Open Houses Well Attended

The two Open Houses that Curl Mesabi held on Monday, Nov. 16 and Tuesday, Nov. 17 were well attended.  The people that tried out curling for the first time enjoyed themselves.  It looks like several joined or are thinking about joining a league.  One group of 4 women are forming a team and will curl in the Monday Women’s league.  Jim Newman has agreed to be their Coach.  Please welcome the new curlers to our club and help them get started.  Thanks to all instructors and volunteers that made the open houses a success.

Curling Night In America Volunteers

Volunteers Needed

The volunteers needed to help with the Curling Night in America event has been determined.  We will need greeters, drivers, timers, scorekeepers, kitchen help, cleanup help, pro-shop coverage, and arena setup and take down assistance.  Help will be needed mainly Wed Dec 2 through Sunday Dec 6.  The event will be recorded on Thursday through Saturday by World Curling TV for broadcast on NBC Sports in nine 2 hour broadcasts on Fridays in January and February.  The event will also be broadcast to other parts of the world by World Curling TV.  The teams competing will be from Japan, China, Scotland and the United States.  We want to present a good image of our club to the world.
Sign up sheets have been posted at the Club

Volunteer Requests
Drivers:  Monday Nov. 30 through Sunday Dec 6
Arena Setup and Take Down:  Up to 4 people on Wed and Sunday
Greeters:  Wed and Thur
Timers:  3 draws a day on Thur, Fri and Sat.  Up to 5 timers a draw
Score Keepers: 3 draws a day on Thur, Fri and Sat.  One person per draw
Camera cable movers:  Paid positions.  2 persons per draw.
Kitchen Help:  Wed, Thur, Fri, and Sat.  Meals for the Crew and Teams.  Also kitchen open to to the public.
Pro Shop:  Thur, Fri, Sat.  One person coverage
Early Morning Cleanup:  6 to 8 AM, Thur, Fri, Sat.  4 persons each day
General Cleanup:  Thu, Fri, Sat,  1 to 2 persons

If you have any questions contact:
Jim Newman at 218-744-2656 or
Bobby “D” at 218-744-5393,

Two Major Maintenance Items Completed


      Our Ice Plant Condenser was replace this summer thanks to Gordy Dahl’s efforts.  The replacement condenser is a big improvement over the old one.  The replacement is a good used unit only a couple of years old.  It is a more durable design for our needs.  The old on had leaks, continual bearing troubles, and was hard to work on.  The replacement has a better blower shift/bearing design, and easier to work on.

The arena heater (located on the roof) burners were changed out as they were rusted badly resulting in heating problems last winter.  Did you notice a couple of times it got pretty cold in the arena last winter?  The installation was professionally completed by mike Manick and Gordy Dahl.

Cost of both projects has been reimbursed by the RRCC Board capital fund.

NEW Tuesday Night League

New Curl Mesabi League- Tuesdays 6:30pm

The season is almost here and this year the club will be offering a new league with a new concept on Tuesday nights. It will be open to all Men, Woman, Juniors, and Seniors (members and non-members). Anyone can play on any given Tuesday at 6:30pm and we’ll select new teams every week by drawing names out of a hat then play a 6 end match. Members will be free and non-members will pay a weekly fee of $5. The focus on this league will be a few things, first it’s a way for people to curl that can’t always commit to a team on a night every single week and second, it will allow new members a way to be in a league and meet other members and form connections for the future which will help build our membership base. It’s also a way for veteran members to get an extra night of practice. Please come out and give it a try.

The first night will be TUESDAY November 24th.

Registration is Open

Registration for 2015-16 Is Open.
Members can now start registering on line. The form is similar to last year. Our Board of Directors has determined dues can be maintained the same as last year, thanks to successful fund raisers (such as the Golf Fundraiser and a Raffle), arena banner sales, bar/kitchen profits, and the great efforts of many volunteers that keep our costs down. Dues are payable by check or credit card at your first curling session.
To register, please visit the Registration page.

Jorgensen Rink Win 2015 Spring Spiel


Curl Mesabi 2015 Spring Spiel Results

1st Event Winner – Jorgensen Rink, Curl Mesabi

Dennis Jorgensen, Reese Coldagelli, Rich Kinnunen, Tony Norland (Pictured left to right above)

1st Event Runner Up – Gulbranson Rink, Curl Mesabi

Lonnie Gulbranson, Wally Haerer, Keith Harvey, Scott Love

2nd Event Winner – Drobnick Rink, Curl Mesabi

Tim Drobnick, Mark Mikulich, Chad Pontinen, Kevin Lind

2nd Event Runner Up – Bradshaw Rink, Superior

John Bradshaw, Jim Eirikson, Scott Laven, Dave McLeod

3rd Event Winner – Davis Rink, Itasca

Ryan Davis, Bob Davis, Mike Solem, Kirk Adams

3rd Event Runner Up – Bevan Rink, Elmwood CC Winnipeg

Russ Bevan, James Dooks, Evan Asham, Bobby Stuart

4th Event Winner – Jaminski Rink, Curl Mesabi

Roger Nelson, Greg Jaminski, Frank Germ, Jason Haltunen

4th Event Runner Up – Range Rock and Minerals Rink, Hibbing

Tony Berarducci, John Medure, Brad Jensen, Jeff Shapiro