Spring Spiel

Curl Mesabi 2014 Spring Spiel Results

1st Event Winner – Tufco Rink, Curl Mesabi
Dennis Jorgensen, Rory Malner, Tony Norland, Rich Kinnunen (pictured left to right)

1st Event Runner up – Drobnick Rink, Curl Mesabi
Tim Drobnick, Phill Drobnick, Craig Wainio, Eric Briski

2nd Event Winner – Jaminski Rink, Curl Mesabi
Roger Nelson, Greg Jaminski, Denny Bone, Keith Harvey

2nd Event Runner up – Newman Rink, Curl Mesabi
Jim Newman, Bobby Damkroeger, Gary Hultman, Jim Techar

3rd Event Winner – Kind Rink, Rice Lake WI
Bill Kind, Steve Swoboda, Randy Bing, Mark Turner

3rd Event Runner up – Dooks Rink, Elmwood CC Winnipeg
James Dooks, Evan Asham, Lukas Bruzell, Dusty McCaughan

4th Event Winner – Delich Rink, Curl Mesabi
Ben Delich, Kyle Coldagelli, Rick Coldagelli, Mike Deloria

4th Event Runner up – Kuitunen Rink, Curl Mesabi
John Kuitunen, Bob Pontinen, Dan Englund, Paavo Saukko

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